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Bordeaux 2016


Aiscounted quality

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Why Bordeaux form us?

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Collector’s pieces

Explore the exclusive wines, which gained the 100/100 points, and are appreciated by professional wine experts.

On our website you can find the most exclusive and luxurious high quality French wines from the Bordeaux region. Selling wine is our passion and so we approach the selection of the right vintages and producers with professionalism and personal care. Our e-shop offers selections of red, white, sweet, dry, desert, young or archive wines. All wines in our portfolio have the highest world rankings and belong to the top the vineyards can offer. Highest quality, taste and brand reputation are the basics, which determine whether the wine is selected to be offered by us or not. Each wine is tested by us and provides the best gastronomic experience. You can find here wines in various sizes from the classic 0.75 l bottles to more unique bottle sizes such as Magnum (1.5 l) or Demi (0.375 l). 

Thanks to the high quality of the wines they can perfectly serve as presents for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, either for man or woman and you will certainly satisfy even the most demanding personalities. We can also prepare special offers and wine cards for companies (wines also perfectly serve as presents to business partners or valued VIP clients), restaurants, hotels, wineries or coffee shops. Bratislava, Slovakia is our base but via internet we sell to all parts of Europe.